New Product Development

We actively develop 50 to 100 new items every month.

Our development comes from, but is not limited to, our own research and engineering.

We also work cooperatibvely with many of our customers and vendors in order to make new products.

With over 2,000 suppliers in Taiwan alone and hundreds more in USA, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and India, we have numerous options to find a right suplplier for you.

Quality Control

We understand our customer´s product requirements and Nachman International follows strict guidelines to source products that will meet or exceed those requirements.

Vendor Sourcing

Why work with thousands of factories around the world when you can work with just us instead?

Custom Packaging

Custom branded packaging is a service that many of our clients take advantage of. We understand our clients worked hard to establish a brand, and we will do all we can to help maintain its identity. Printed header cards, polybag, boxes, skin cards and others.

Logistics & Consolidation

When you are dealing with multiple vendors, finding economical shipping can be a headache…
We work to efficiently consolidate your orders in one place, and assist in export documentation.
Helping you optimize your time, and money, by lowering your import frequency and freight costs.


Our willingness and commitment to stock products, in our four warehouses, allows us to offer very low to no minimum order quantities on many items that just wouldn´t be available anywhere else.


Our team of highly trained, and multi-lingual, staff located in Taiwan and the USA are here to resolve any logistic, financial, or product questions and provide the quick and professional service that you expect.

Price Negotiation

We work as your branch office so, if the price doesn´t meet your needs, we go back to work until it does. Here are some of the reasons why we are capable to do so:
1. Being local firm, as opposed to an overseas importer, we are able to buy at lower prices from manufacturers. It´s more cost effective for the vendor and carries a much lower financial risk for our clients.
2. As we all know, the larger the volume, the better the price a vendor can offer. We achieve that by combining quantities of the same product from multiple clients in different geographic locations and our networking relationships with vendors to bring costs down to all
3. Connections – Sure, money is power, but business connections and relationships are priceless. Our long term relationships we have formed over the years with our suppliers is another asset that benefits you, the client.

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